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Sicilian to Soviet

Le 25 avril 2016, 10:18 dans Humeurs 0

One of the appeals of Brooklyn is the rich ethnic mix of cultures, cuisines, and traditions, that is somewhat of a microcosm of America. Many of our grandparents, including mine, arrived on Ellis Island and assimilated to life in America in New York City. And it still remains a lively, if sometimes uncomfortable, mix of upscale, downscale, rich, poor, happy, angry, frustrated, and content. But everybody’s gotta eat.

During the last few years, it’s no secret that the borough of Brooklyn has exploded and become something so internationally recognizable that La Grande Épicerie in Paris redecorated their iconic Parisian food store in the style of Brook-leen, as they say. But it’s not just a bunch of people walking around in knit caps and plaid shirts, or spinning wool in a waiting room. There’s all sorts of foods – from artisan to Armenian, Sicilian to Soviet, and American to Yemeni –  all just a subway ride away.

If you go deeper into the enormous borough – its size alone, if it was its own city, would be the third largest in America – you’ll find streets and neighborhoods the reflect the diverse multiculturalism of the borough, with neighborhoods of food shops, restaurants, bakeries, and pizzerias, representing the rich blend of immigrants who’ve settled here over the years.

One culture that interests me is Syria since some of my family was from there, who came to America during the wave of immigration which turned part of New York into Little Syria. We hear a lot about Syria in the news these days, often (unfortunately) due to the turmoil in the country. And for many of us, the things we see on television are the impressions we have of these countries. I had not been to Syria, which was a shame, but friends who have been said it was incredible.

Mansoura was established in Brooklyn in 1961 and food writer Gabriella Gershenson suggested that I go to the Syrian bakery on my last visit to New York, since she knew I loved Middle Eastern food. I wasn’t able to make it then, but it was right at the top of my list for this visit. So I was happy when she offered to meet me there. Gabriella was an editor at Saveur, and is now at Rachael Ray magazine (how do I get on her show?), and we met up in the Gravesend neighborhood in Brooklyn. And let me tell you, this place was worth the trip – and the wait.

beer cheese sauce

Le 5 janvier 2016, 08:14 dans Humeurs 0

Grilled beer kielbasa, smothered in a ridiculously good sausage and stout beer cheese sauce, and packaged in a pillowy bun. This super easy recipe, perfect for feeding the crowd, is every bit as crazy tasty as it looks HKUE amec.

So here is my nod to Oktoberfest! To grilling and enjoying several beers and to hanging out and enjoying with friends. Summer is finally over and football has finally started. Put down the back of the truck, break out the hibachi, pull up a cooler, and just have at it until gametime. Or anytime. Weekend-time. Whatever. …And Oktoberfest, that infectious German tradition, whether you go full-out with liederhosen and snitzel or if you just get together at your local watering hole. It is that time mask house.

To me, the funny thing is this …while my facebook feed is filled with friends breaking out the sweaters and raking the leaves, in Florida our fall is a bit different. Different, as in we don’t have one. The temperature drops from the 90s to the 80s. That is our fall. So while folks up north experience October with the beautiful fall colors of the trees and new chill in the air …we do not. Our October is kinda the same as summer …just less of it. Still grilling by our pool enjoying the warm sun and easy ocean breezes wisping the palm trees kangertech box mod.

But that does not mean we don’t go full out getting our fall grub on. Complete with cozy crockpot…

Red chocolate chip

Le 18 août 2015, 09:49 dans Humeurs 0

Oh but speaking of coldish things, my little brother Red is headed to New Zealand today and then Australia in a week. At first I was like, “well where the heck is my ticket cause I want to tag along”, but then I remembered he is going to snowboard (of course) and apparently it’s going to be really cold there Best Restaurants in Hong Kong. Then I said forget that, snow is just something I am so not ready for in August! Still, I can’t help but feel just a little jealous that my kid brother has seen way more countries than I probably ever will and he is only just 15. Someday though, I will make it to Europe, New Zealand and Australia…but I think I will go in the warmer months of the year since I get my fair share of snow right where I am Search Engine Optimization.

And since you are probably wondering, the little brother is going to New Zealand for a snowboard competition and then to Australia for another competition and then to stay on to train with the US team. Apparently snowboarding from October through mid May is not enough for those people and they need to be in the snow in the summer months as well. Weird Hong Kong Tour.

What is also really weird is that I had this major lovingly sister moment yesterday and decided I absolutely HAD to make little Red chocolate chip cookies to take on his 18+ hour flight, and that’s not including the 2 hour and 25 minute flight to LA. No idea why I decided to stop with my work (I’m not usually this nice) and make him goodies for his travels, but I did. Maybe the fact that he will be gone for almost a month had something to do with it.

Thinking I should get mad big sis props for making cookies, right?!?

Ok, but back to summer things, and this very summery brown butter lobster, sweet corn and fontina risotto. First off, it has brown butter, that right there should tell you it’s going to be REALLY good. Second, it also has fontina cheese, again another sign – REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

Honestly, even if you don’t like lobster, I still highly recommend you make this risotto. It’s delicious with or without the lobster and you could also swap in shrimp or really any other type of protein that you enjoy. Yep, perfect for adding whatever you love. The rest however you HAVE to keep the same. I love, love, love, the combo of sweet corn, fontina cheese, crispy kale and roasted tomatoes. It’s summer produce working its magic on our taste buds. Of course the creamy risotto is pretty dang good too. So you see, it’s just an overall winner of a meal.

Oh, and I know some people get a little freaked out by risotto since they fear standing in front of the stove for 30 minutes, but guys, I promise this is SO not a hard meal to make, and personally I find stirring risotto to be very therapeutic…but I have been told I am a little strange, so you know.

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