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Can seafood drink beer

Le 14 décembre 2017, 10:32 dans Humeurs 0

Seafood in a lot of people there is love, and like other food enjoy collocation, although most of the food does not exist between nutrients conflict, but also cannot be ignored, which will not be able to together with some food to eat. So can seafood drink beer?

Can seafood drink beer

Seafood is a high-protein, low-fat food containing both purine and glycolic acid. Beer contains vitamin B1, a catalyst for the decomposition of purines and glycosides. Drinking beer on the side of seafood, resulting in a combination of purine, glycosides and vitamin B1, can cause chemical effects, which can lead to increased uric acid content in human blood and destroy the original balance. Uric acid cannot be discharged in time, in the form of sodium salt, it is easy to form stones or cause gout. When serious, covered with goose bumps, the pain is not only, cannot walk.

Seafood can't be eaten with these foods

1. Seafood cannot be eaten with cold food

Cold seafood nature, it is better to avoid when eating together with some cold food consumption, such as vegetables, such as water spinach, cucumber, and should not be immediately after a meal drink some iced drinks like soda, water, ice cream, also notice to eat less or don't eat watermelon cold fruit, pears and so on, so as not to cause discomfort.

Seafood cannot eat with fruit

Fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood products are rich in protein and calcium (calcium food) and other nutrients. And fruit contains more tannic acid, if after eating seafood, immediately to eat fruit, not only affect the human body to absorb proteins, calcium in seafood will be combined with the tannic acid in the fruit, the formation of refractory calcium, can produce stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract, and even cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. It is best to eat more than two hours apart.

Seafood can't drink tea

The reason that eat seafood not to drink tea is similar to the reason that should not eat fruit. Because the tea also contains tannic acid, the calcium that can form insoluble with the calcium in seafood. The combination of calcium and tannic acid can be increased by drinking tea before or after eating seafood. Therefore, it is best not to drink tea when eating seafood.

How to eat seafood safer

1. Drink more protein while eating seafood

It's best to drink non-alcoholic beverages such as cola, coconut milk or almond syrup. Because it contains sugars and proteins that not only don't produce harmful substances with seafood, but also a useful complement to seafood nutrition. Do not match fruit juice, alcoholic beverage, because alcohol can cause the uric acid level rise in the blood, induces gout; Most fruit juices are the essence of fruit, which contain high levels of vitamin C.

2. When eating seafood, put some ginger and ginger to relieve the cold

The most common method is to cook seafood and steamed, tie-in point onion ginger and vinegar can not only remove the smell of seafood, but also because from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, cold sex, most of the seafood and ginger warm, cold can remove both with to eat seafood.

These things soak up water for decades

Le 8 novembre 2017, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

Chinese medicine master li jiiren

Wei guo, nutrition doctor of the Oriental hospital of Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine

The nutrition doctor wu jianhai of central hospital of jiangsu province

Wu wenbo, director of the preparation room of the central hospital of shijiazhuang

1.Astragalus water: replenishing qi qi deficiency

Chinese medicine master li jiren drinks his own medicinal tea every day, the most important of which is huangqi.Astragalus, known as the "replenishing" drug, is the main function of replenishing the energy.In traditional Chinese medicine, people who are angry and empty can be tired, have no spirit, often feel tired, and don't want to be afraid of cold.Astragalus has the effect of invigoration and invigoration, which can improve the energy and energy of the human body.

Special reminder:

Astragalus is a medicine, different from the red jujube, coix seed and other health food, many Chinese medicine experts choose huangqi to make up, because they are familiar with their own constitution, know the treatment of the disease.If you want to use this method, you must consult a professional physician in advance.

These things soak up water for decades

2.Huaishan medicine boil water: fill the spleen to disperse cold: cold

In early autumn, the foreign people began to get more and more, most of them were throat dry, sore throat, high fever, accompanied by all kinds of cold symptoms.Once you feel cold and sneezing, you can use the yam to boil water, it can make up the spleen and lungs, and make the blood circulation smooth.Therefore, while the hot drink down, have the effect of sweat, the chilling effect is very good.

3.Coix seed water: detoxification clearing damp - enhanced vitality

One of the secrets of queen Elizabeth ii's health and longevity is to fix a glass of coix seed at 5 PM every day.The coix seed water is made from half a cup of coix seed, 2.85 litres of water, two lemons, six oranges and a little brown sugar.From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, 5~7 PM is the best time for the body to replenish energy and detoxify clearing damp.Coix seed jianpi clearing damp, which helps the human body to excrete;Lemon has the effect of detoxification, add the orange that is rich in carotene, the brown sugar that wentong blood pulse, can improve circulatory system, enhance vital vitality.

4.Chinese wolfberry water: oxidation resistance, kidney stone

Lycium has an antioxidant effect, which can effectively reduce the damage of renal tubular epithelial cells, thus preventing the formation of calcium oxalate calculi.Because studies have shown that renal tubular epithelial cell injury is the most early basal lesion of calculi.

One animal experiment indicated that the proper amount of lycium polysaccharide (the main active ingredient in Chinese wolfberry) can reduce the formation of calcium oxalate calculi.And whether it is a blister or decoction, it can inhibit the formation of kidney stones.

5.Ginger sugar water: swelling pain pain - periodontitis

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the tooth need to moisten the qi and blood, gastritis, steamed, kidney Yin deficiency, qi deficiency can lead to periodontitis, gargle with ginger water every day, insist on a month or so, can significantly improve, at ordinary times the working pressure, deficiency of qi and blood, people insist on this method can also play a role in the prevention of periodontitis.

Specific methods:

Take appropriate amount of ginger in the morning and evening to boil it in water, then rinse the mouth after the temperature, or take two or three pieces of ginger and put them into the water cup, and then use boiling water to make tea.This is because of the ginger flavor, the effect of reducing swelling and pain.Now scientific research also found that ginger has a certain antibacterial effect, which can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and treat various carbuncle swelling and ulcers.

6.Rohan fruit snow pear water: throat - throat

When the throat is itchy, you might as well drink some of the fruit snow pear.Luo han guo has the effect of qingliang cold blood, shengjin cough, runlung phlegm and so on. It is beneficial to alleviate the phlegm cough, sore throat and thirst.In the same way, snow pear is used as the food material, which can be added to the fluid, the lungs and the Yin, and the quenching thirst.It is suitable for the pharyngeal pharynx, muttiness, laryngeal foreign body and so on in acute and chronic pharyngitis.

Braised ribs must be added

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When it comes to soup ingredients, many people might think of a wax gourd or radish first.In fact, the soup with a bit of coarse grain, will have some unexpected health benefits.

Braised ribs with corn.The meat is delicious, but its fat content is high, can reach more than 30 %.Add a few pieces of sweet corn when braised ribs, not only can increase nutrition, still can have the effect that greasing, make soup more delicious and relaxed.When stewing, directly add to the corn section.

Duck soup with green beans.Ducks in the water of life, so its meat slants cool, have the effect of the heat has soared, fit for GuXia or heat consumption, and green beans also have the effect of summer heat, so the mung bean old duck soup is an excellent tonic summer seasons.It is very simple, after washing a handful of green beans and putting them in a pot, cook them well.

The chicken soup with the job.It is not suitable for cooking porridge or eating single food, but it is a good choice to make soup with the chicken with a warm supplement. It can also play a role in nourishing the spleen.Before stews, place a few red dates in and simmer with the party. The flavor will be softer.

Boil mutton soup and barley.Barley can be both invigorating and invigorating, and can be invigorated by adding mutton soup. Therefore, it is beneficial for the weak and weak spleen and stomach.Boil the soup with mutton, boil with fire, and cook with fire.Then scoop up the lamb, boil the barley in the soup, cook it in a stew, and wait until the barley is ripe There's excellent quality Vape pen cartridge at wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now. .

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